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Adik was born 1985 in Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine) , where he learned in the school N°144

Since 2001 as his family moved to Germany Adik learned at the Gymnasium in Dortumd and graduated with the main subjects:History, English, Chemistry and Ancient Hebrew

During the school time Adik played guitar and drums in several rockbands

In 2006 Adik started studying music management and production at the private academy in Cologne

He started his professional carrear in 2006 as the manager of the International Simphony Orchestra of Germany and the personal referent of the chief conductor

Lenguistic skills:Russian, Ukrainian, German, English, Hebrew, ancient Hebrew (Phoenician), Spagnol (Ladino), Yiddish, Volgare

Hobbies:Music, Hitory, Religions, Cultures, Lenguistics


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